Monday, March 26, 2012

Playing with Inkscape

So you may have noticed that I've had a few changes to my blog header lately. I've been wanting to customize my blog for a while and recently started searching for ideas. So instead of having to pay a ton of money on some expensive drawing program, I ran into a open source program called Inkscape. It has similar attribute as the Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw programs.

Anywho, I've been playing around with Inkscape and so far have come up with a few ideas. The header you now see was created with Inkscape. I'm not 100% percent satisfied yet. And besides, I want to create a nice background and overall look for the blog, including buttons. So, please pardon the dust as I continue on this path of creation and tweaking.

The one think that I learned by using Inkscape is that technology for computer graphics has exploded and I am way behind on the learning curve. But thank goodness there are some great tutorials out there for inkscape. I look forward to getting a new and refined look to my blog soon!!

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