Tuesday, December 6, 2011

21 day Journal - Day 20 & 21 !

I have finally made it!! Here are the last 2 days.

Day 20 – What Limiting Beliefs Are You Holding On To?
I think the idea that my limited finances are holding me back from living the kind of life that I want is really tying my creativity and imagination down.  There are so many ways to be happy that don't cost a thing. Like going for a walk in the woods. Using the craft supplies in my closet, that are currently collecting dust. Taking pictures of my kitties! Spending time with my boyfriend and chosen family. I have been rolling around the idea of doing crafting and or baking for profit. The initial start up of this idea will cost a few bucks, but the possibilities are limitless. While I do not tap into my creative energy at work, there is no reason I can't do it at home. Another idea that limits me is that I need to wait for my boyfriend to be motivated to do something before I go ahead a do it. Why? I need to realize that he may not always want to do what I want, and just pull myself up and go do it. Because I deserve all the happiness in the world!


Day 21 – What is Your Biggest Wish for the Future?
Probably along the lines of the above post, I would like to be doing more creative things in my life. Wether that be cooking, baking or crafting. I have so much inspiration in my life, I am creative. I need to stop doubting my ability to make up my own crafty ideas, and just let go and do it! Someday, very soon, I hope to be crafting and or baking for profit. This may only be a side gig, but I am ok with that. Because, I need to find a regular outlet for my creative urges, or I may just burst!

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