Sunday, December 18, 2011

Latest foodie creation - nutter butter snowmen

So I saw these cute Nutter Butter Snowmen on the browneyedbaker's blog that I read. I thought they were so cute and I wanted to give them a try. So here's my first attempt!

 I used Wilton brand white & pink candy melts. (I had left over pink melts, so I decided to give that color a go too.) The buttons are mini M&M's and the face is just ready-to-use black icing piped on with a #2 tip.  These candy melts are the ones sold in chip form that you melt in the microwave or double boiler and pour into candy molds. They are vanilla flavor so they should blend well with the salty & peanut buttery cookies. 

However, I have no idea how the browneyedbaker got her snowmen dips to be so smooth. The candy melts are considered "confectionary coating". (Which do not have the same properties and "pourability" as real chocolate.)  I was not able to get the melts to pour over the nutter buttters. I just had to dip them in, pick them up on a fork and tap off the access candy melt. That gave the smoothest appearance that I could manage. But I think they turned out pretty good otherwise, no? 

*Lesson learned: I will stick to using candy melts in candy molds. They are much easier to deal with that way because you can put the melts into a baggie or frosting bag and just pipe the melts into your mold. But I do want to try to make chocolate dipped pretzel rods. So maybe I will give the melts another try...

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  1. em. after you dip them take a small knife or spredder and smooth off the tops to get them flat. or dip them and after the chocolate is set turn them over. using the now flat side to decorate with a bit of melted chocolate to hold on the candies