Sunday, April 17, 2011

The crafty bug finally bit me again

Ok, so here's a pic of the homemade chicken enchiladas with green sauce that my honey and I made last week.

I don't use a recipe, we just wing it usually. This time we used chicken, pinto beans, cheese and pico de gallo for the filling. We stuffed all of that into flour tortillas (this dish is usually made with corn tortillas, but I prefer it with flour ones.) The topping is more cheese, a dash of the pico and green enchilada sauce. We use the canned version made with tomatillos. Yum!!  It was so good with the pinto beans instead of rice. Definitely a keeper!

And my friend and I finished her apron. Here's the finished product.

She is a novice sewer, so we both worked on the apron. The apron is based on this JoAnn's pattern.  Its the one I mentioned in a previous post. We ended up tweaking the pattern a bit. She wanted to add the brown band at the waist to give it some more appeal. And we added a couple inches to the width of it, because let's face it, we are not tiny women! I think it turned out great!!  I've already cut out fabric to make myself one as well. My theme is going to be blue colors. Can't wait to get it posted when I finish!

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