Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Homemade goodies

My honey and I have been trying to do more cooking at home to eat better and save money. I was digging through some pic files and wanted to share some of the stuff we've made over the last few months. Yummo!!

This is homemade pizza, the dough and all. (OK so we didn't make the toppings or the cheese...hehe) Since making this pizza, we did end up buying a pizza stone. We love it because it makes the crust nice and crispy while allowing the rest of the dough to be chewy. Although, we are having lots of trouble getting the pizza with toppings from the counter onto the stone. I think we are going to have to break down and buy a peel.

Here are the dishes from our Mexican fiesta night. We made the guacamole, the corn tortillas and the beef & turkey crumbles for yummy tacos. I really enjoy the freshness of homemade corn tortillas. My first attempt at using prepared masa flour went well. I ended up using a rolling pin to make the tortillas. Then I decided I liked the tortillas so much, it was time to invest in a tortilla press. Its much easier to get even, flat tortillas with a press.

Note: the links I've given are for Bed Bath and Beyond. I did purchase my pizza stone there. But I have yet to buy a pizza peel. And the tortilla press was purchased at a local mexican supermercado called El Rancho. (I really love that damn place!)

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  1. Look at the size of that guacamole bowl! Good gully ha ha. I would have used it all myself though so no judgement