Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Personal Excellence - 21 day journal challenge

OK, so I just found this website called Personal Excellence. Its really about helping us live our lives to the greatest possible potential.  And since I've been trying to live my life more consciously and thoughtfully, this site really resonates with me. So, they have a 21 day journal challenge and I thought I would participate.  I am a few days late in starting it, but all the questions are posted online, so I figured I'd give it a go. So day 1:
What Would You Do If You Have 1 Million Dollars?

I find this question really difficult to answer, because there are so many possibilities!! Pick and choose... My first goal would be to pay off my credit cards, my car and my educational debts. I would like to pay off my boyfriend's debts as well as my parent's debts. I would take some time off work, maybe even quit my job, and do some extensive travelling. I would like to go to Europe, especially Italy, France, Ireland & Scotland. I would try to go cheaply, but take lots of picture. Speaking of pictures, I would be getting myself a fancy new Digital SLR camera to take along on the trip.

After I got back from the trip, I would purchase a house for myself & my honey somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. I would move my parents out there with me too. Most likely buy some land and some small farm animals like chickens & goats. I would invest in composting equipment for my land. I would probably go back to school, either grad school for some sort of public service type career. Or maybe go to pastry school. And I would use some money to start my own business.

I would donate some money to diabetes research because I've lost too many relatives to this terrible disease. I would also invest in wind & solar power.

I am not sure how much that would use up. But, that's what would make me happy right now.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's question: If You Are To Do Something For Free For the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

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